Business strategy & optimization

Our business strategy & optimization solutions are delivered by facilitators who have worked as executives and consultants in a variety of organizations. We deliver solutions that help optimize business performance. We do so primarily by getting to the heart of strategy development and delivery to drive organizations toward success.


Business strategy and optimization starts with business acumen – an understanding of how an organization makes money, the critical interdependencies across business functions, and an understanding of decision making on the overall performance of the business.


Our solutions, which include training and consulting, help management teams set their organizational strategy, consider the business processes required to achieve it, and set the best performance measures to monitor results.

What our learning solutions cover

  • Using a holistic approach to set and monitor strategy, to ensure strategic objectives are achievable and the measures selected are the right ones.

  • Implementing a traditional budget or non-traditional (beyond budgeting) approach to set the right targets for achieving organizational objectives.

  • Understanding how to conduct robust variance analysis and forecasting to monitor an organization’s progress toward its objectives and help correct quickly when things start to move in the wrong direction.

  • Mapping business processes to uncover potential weaknesses or inefficiencies that may impede the ability of the organization to optimize its performance.

  • Undertaking proper front-end planning to develop a robust business case to use in making the best capital investment decision, and once made, determining the best tools and techniques to use to help drive projects to success.

  • Understanding the impact change has on an organization and how to best navigate the change management process.  

We want to work with you to help enhance your team's workplace performance.