Commercial credit

Our experience in designing and delivering learning programs for our corporate, commercial and business banking clients spans two decades. We have longstanding relationships with our banking clients because we understand their people, their business and the environment in which they operate.


We have deep knowledge of corporate, commercial and business banking and the learning needs of those working within these areas.

Our learning solutions provide an understanding of how the banking system works and the role each person plays in it, regardless of where they sit in the organization.

What our learning solutions cover

  • Undertaking needs-based business development and sales enablement.

  • Taking a deal from cradle to grave – assessing the industry, the business, the management team; undertaking an in-depth financial analysis and performing robust sensitivity analysis; and structuring a deal to create a win-win situation between the bank and the client.

  • Digging further into specialized areas of lending such as agriculture and real estate, as well as complex situations such as setting up a syndicated loan.

  • Sharpening credit writing skills to clearly communicate deals to credit.

  • Understanding banking products to cross-sell and satisfy client needs.

  • Determining how a financial institution makes money and the interdependencies of everyone’s roles to achieve its goals.

We want to work with you to help enhance your team's workplace performance.