Financial analysis & performance

We design highly interactive and experiential learning strategies that allow people to leverage financial tools to make better business decisions, uncover the drivers of business financial performance, and interpret financial statements and other financial data.


We believe the only way to understand organizational performance is to have a holistic view of the organization, including a deep understanding of the financials.

Our learning solutions cover drivers of financial performance and drill down into the numbers to tell a story.​

What our learning solutions cover

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the drivers of growth, profitability and cash flow.

  • Understanding profitability versus cash flow and the critical importance of working capital.

  • Digging into an organization’s financial statements – from the three basic statements through to the accompanying notes.

  • Setting and monitoring key performance measures to help the organization achieve its strategic objectives.

  • Determining the implications of decisions on value creation.

  • Understanding how to conduct robust variance analysis and forecasting to monitor an organization’s progress towards its objectives and help correct quickly when things start to move in the wrong direction.

We want to work with you to help enhance your team's workplace performance.