Governance, risk & compliance

Governance, risk & compliance (GRC) is critical to the success of organizations across all sectors. Our facilitators have extensive experience working as and with chief audit executives and board directors. Our solutions help management and boards of directors successfully implement and sustain GRC and ethical frameworks and programs.


The areas of governance, risk and compliance, including ethics, have received much greater attention over the past several years due to continued news of ethical lapses and fraudulent financial behavior within organizations. The impact on organizations has been a loss in trust, leading to a loss of business and at times, a complete organizational collapse.

Our solutions, which include training and consulting, help management teams and their boards of directors navigate through regulatory compliance requirements, establish a robust risk management framework, and sustain a strong ethical culture.

What our learning solutions cover

  • Digging into various regulatory requirements including FinCen’s CDD Rule, Basel III, Dodd-Frank, MiFID and others.

  • Explaining the principles of corporate governance and how they are used to help boards of directors in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities, including their responsibilities related to strategy development and execution.

  • Understanding the meaning of ethical leadership and how to build and strengthen the ethical culture of an organization.

  • Considering how internal audit supports an organization’s overall governance, risk and compliance systems and helping internal audit teams understand and fulfill their mandate.

  • Evaluating different enterprise risk management frameworks to determine the best one to use for the organization and then considering the steps required to tailor the framework to best suit the organization’s needs.

  • Establishing risk policies, risk appetite and tolerances, and undertaking risk identification, assessment and mitigation techniques to support the organization’s achievement of objectives.

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